Excellent inquiries and insights. A very much deeper and significant exploration into one of my own major interests. History like law,science, and more is often in the interpretation of facts.

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Paradoxes are littered throughout history as we aren’t perfect in nature. False narratives go extinct in a practical sense.

What is after all evolution? A simple dance with the unknown? Pursuit of Knowledge?

You haven’t defined the nature of truth in the context of our living biology using memory and time upon which all life originates from. Life doesn’t reproduce without the resulting perception about reality.

A rock doesn’t learn to reproduce as it isn’t alive. Or is it ? Is a topic of debate for those truth seekers who discuss the cosmos down through the ages.

Does it have to make sense through the intellect which I find suspect in having a natural intelligence?

Answers are never so simple as one wishes for, living upon a perceived precipice of certainty.

What the hell am I saying you may ask?

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The bad seed isn't the US, it's the Black Nobs...

There's a lot of heaviness in the air right now... Tomorrow is Labor Day in the US... I hope they don't

begin the Big Crush tomorrow.... The weather here today is gorgeous.

Thanks for these bits! I love 'em. xo

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