One rabbit hole that could be mentioned in a side note is the Russell family (Duke of Bedford is a Russell, Bedford is not normally a person's name in Britain) and the Fabian Society which is recognised; Huxley, Russell, Wells territory. The Tavistock institute is probably going too deep ;-)

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Thank you two so much you do such professional work and have such great support for us. It just seems so trite, just thank you. Please give each other a huge hug with great feeling and say this is from Debbie.

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I have to read the trilogy at some point. What never seems to surprise me is when peeling back layers of Darwinists/Eugenicists, they believe in religion, their religion. They believe in God, they are God. They even believe in a hierarchical structure, might makes right. The plebs will serve. But as Cynthia points out, they betray themselves when hiding the holistic harmonious relationship between man and the cosmos. They must hide (or occult if you will) the quadrivium from those who they wish to compartmentalize. And when the lower beings are compartmentalized in the macro they also self compartmentalize, unable to become a holistic well rounded human being inside. Why would an atheistic Darwinist need to hide the truth if they are so confident in its self evidence? Could it be that there is a metaphysical principle behind the universe? Today, when I was meditating outside on a gorgeous day, I heard birds harmonizing so beautifully. Each bird had their own unique sound that gave vibrancy to the whole. They were not a hive mind. They were one and many. I did not need some empirical evidence to scientifically sort out whether it was beautiful. It just was. Sorry Descartes but the truth was here before me.

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How strange that you should write about this! I'm reading the C.S Lewis trilogy for the first time, currently almost finished with Perelandra.

A passage about Weston ripping up the frogs made me realize the destructive, irrational spirit surrounding Covid/The Great Reset has always been around and derives pleasure from the suffering of others. It was difficult to read yet strangely comforting. We are fighting a very old enemy indeed. The names and the institutions change but the motives are as old as time.

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One ring to rule them all, ,how & why chatGPT-4/5 came to rule the world;

Here we inquire the AI itself how it came to power, and why Woke Homo's now rule the earth;


CS Lewis was a christian so what are you all doing about SATAN ruling your planet?

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Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for these wonderful lectures on CS Lewis. You’ve ended this first lecture upon Lewis’ hope that there will at least be a few readers, of his fiction, to realise that his is not a treaty of pure imagination but of hidden truth.

I think many of us today, or at least those who are on substack, so in fact a tiny minority, have sensed that we live as if within a fictional scenery where the battle against the powers, principalities and spirits of the air are all too real.

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Alfred Korzybski - Science and Sanity

Marshal McLuhan - Gutenberg Galaxy

Douglas Hofstadter - Godel Escher Bach

These three guys cleared up a lot of things for me.

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Very good read. Thank you

I’m sharing this far and wide. Excellent work!

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