For those who are having issues with the term 'fossil fuel' yes, I am aware, however, this first episode is a broad introduction where only paradoxes and questions are being posed which I think is made evident. Episode two will get into energy and scarcity and the misleading term 'fossil fuel' will be directly addressed and where there will be enough time to unpack for people. The content of the first episode is clearly not supporting the thesis that goes with the term 'fossil fuel' and that paradox should be evident to those who know more about this subject, thus nothing in the first episode is promoting the concept of scarcity.

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Sep 30, 2023Liked by Cynthia Chung

My family is not large but I was born in 1938 and after watching this 22 minute video I'm in my mind enumerating how many kids will latch onto this 22 minute video and if they are able to finish it, never forget it! This is an absolutely fantastic piece of work. A Fact Based History underlaid way to learn how to begin to think about your future!!

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Sep 30, 2023Liked by Cynthia Chung

A-mazing work...invaluable!

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Cynthia, this was a very thorough examination of the Climate Emergency lie. If only now, people will watch this evidence of scare mongering. The young people are having the most trouble realizing that there is no emergency. It doesn't matter why at this point. The push has to be toward getting the proponents of the green new deal to give us the evidence.

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I'm going to watch this documentary for sure. It's going to be a two 👍👍 up production.

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Oct 2, 2023Liked by Cynthia Chung

Excellent film! Very well done. I loved the emphasis on the terrible track record of the doomsayers' predictions. The sheer gall of those corrupt people to keep up their lies for all these years! And you know if they got what they advocate for, THEY would never be the ones to do without cars, planes, air conditioning, the best food, etc.!!!

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Great job. I'm going to play this on the projector for my daughters.

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Here's an anecdote witnessed by myself & about 50 other Utubers in 2011. I was researching HAARP & it's successor programs shortly after the quake/tsunami hit Fukushima Japan. I stumbled across a young man's bizzare website. As I listened I realized he had hacked into internal govt HAARP related servers, live & historical & the US National Weather Service Doppler radar weather live satellite feeds. He combined the data together, overlapping it on satellite maps as he explained his theory at an incredible pace. I had to run it at x.75 speed to barely keep up. He showed long term HAARP energy fields directed at the west Pacific Ocean including S.Caifornia & NW Baja Mexico, "coinciding" with the known long term drought that was occuring. He claimed it was the major cause 🤔?

Next video, he duplicated his process for NE Japan, March 11, 2011. HAARP had directed a massive energy field offshore of Fukushima area, at exactly the same ultra low frequencies that are generated by natural quakes. If you look at videos of the reported 9.0 quake, there is next to no serious damage anywhere by the quake itself- until the tsunami hit the coast & the SHTFan. I was intrigued by his wyrd theory, backed up by govt data.

The next video on April 25 2011, he did the unbelievable & claimed he could predict the weather in precise detail. He then took the live HAARP & doppler feeds for Mississipi & west Alabama pointing out -very specific counties- where he claimed multiple severe tornado clusters would develop in the next 1-max 2 days, showing the projected path of them spreading NE to W Tennese, Alabama, Georgia & N Carolina. The next day, April 26th, I heard on the news that the soon to be "worst recorded outbreak in US history", (major irony here), had produced clusters of multiple tornados that had devasted Mississipi, into Alabama,etc...with unprecedented damage & loss of life. I was gobsmacked but because of my business responsibilities I wasn't able to get online for 2 days to see what the hell the young man had to say next.

His website was gone, without a trace. 🕳🪦🕳.

I was so blown away by what I'd witnessed, I enlisted my g.f.'s son to track him down. I'm the idiot, he's the savant when it comes to computers & the net. At 13, the fb👁 actually came to visit him when he hacked their national server & left his name address & a note explaining exactly how he did it & how to fix it. They were not amused to say the least but he wasn't charged since he had provided their problem with a solution that worked). Bottom line was he determined that there was no trackable trace of the deleted Utuber 👻, a learnjng moment even for him.

Contrary to popular belief the internet isn't forever, shite truly does disappear completely in spite of wayback style servers/apps.

Lessons I learned:

1. Record & back up everything valuable/relevant I come across or create, twice, making sure it's totally isolated from the net, on personal computers/storage devices. "Clouds" always dissipate when you aren't looking & you may end up owning nothing & not being happy. (1st attempt to write this too long tale on new tablet was deleted just as I went to hit⬆️). Backup screenshots as I wrote made up for my brain cell deficiency/short term memory damage.

2. The 1979 (?) International treaty banning weather manipulation as a weapon of war still exists, on paper at least. It's been voided/neutered by the powers & principalities that rule us, & is being used/forced on every nation against their own citizens & this entire planet. Remember- the carbon being eliminated is you & I.

3.You don't have to be a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows....

4. Llisten & think about what people say before dismissing them... sometimes that 1 voice in the crowd makes more sense than everyone, including the "experts".

5. This is only the 2nd time I've seen precise weather forecasts, the other being 100% covering 3 weeks in 1990, by a much different process. This young man definitely earned second place though.

6. Enjoy life & nature while you still can...

P.S.- Cynthia, Well done, as always 🎯🥂 Matt & you are this old man's favorite analytical historians.

Time to disappear now 👻🕳🪦

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Tucker Carlson and Dr. Willie Soon discuss climate change, fossil fuels, and John Kerry.

8 min video


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This interview with Mel K Show starts to break down Escaping Calypso's Island Part 2, and carries on in many directions that support Cynthia's thus far two mini-docu-series, well worth a listen. I do hope Mel K will bring Cynthia back to discuss more of her film concepts!

Well worth the 1 hr 20 min supporting discussion!

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Good to see Warren Monty Quesnell & Cynthia's reply on 'Fossil Fuels'

A real issue is the yet to be done - clean up of the vast messes - from the mining, processing and burning of hydrocarbon. These messes need to be cleaned up. This issue is mostly out of the picture. How convenient.

Clean up the messes. That will nurture the planet considerably...

More on cleaning up the messes here -


- Enjoy the days

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Hydrocarbon - A More Accurate Term - Than Fossil Fuel Which Hides So Much. A real issue is - the mining, production of hydrocarbons - oil, 'natural' gas, etc - and then the burning of hydrocarbons which makes a hell of a massive mess plant wide.

Whether the term - fossil fuel - has little or no merit it may be another slight of hand for various agendas.

At best fossil fuel is a theory or two. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Fossil_fuel

See the rest of this article here -


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Enjoyed the video, but one caveat; the term fossil fuel” is a misnomer, and should more accurately be described as hydrocarbons. Abiogenic origin of oil has been proposed, and many experiments conducted to support this proposition. Even Dmitri Mendelev, developer of the periodic table, suggested that hydrocarbons were generated inside the earth from the mixing of water and iron carbide. Fossil fuel implies that millions of years were required, along with abundance biomass and fossils to generate a limited supply of a non renewable resource.

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Glad to see this viewpoint about our very complex social world.

I grew in up Vancouver after WW2 amongst cedars, not redwoods.


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