Great coverage! I've also written about the Ukraine. What I haven't yet written about is how the Ukraine figures into the Great Reset. Scary times.



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Mar 26, 2022Liked by Cynthia Chung

Thank you for exposing the Nazi collaborators in Ukraine, Canada and US. The West basically follows a Nazi program that has continued for far too long and has gotten stronger.

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It's called the West's Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) and it is very good at brainwashing much of humanity.

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We were all taught in high-school that the Wehrmacht was initially greeted by Ukrainians during operation Barbarossa but then they all turned into partisans against the invaders, rallying to save Mother Russian in the Great Patriotic War. Second teaching point was Operation Citadel. Nothing further to see here.

Unemployment in the Czech Republic in 2021 was 2.3%. Slovaks no longer travel to the Czech Republic to work because the Slovak economy has improved enough that they can find jobs at home. Now Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian migrant workers are vital to keep Czech industry supplying German manufacturers and European customers. Ukraine had the same starting point in 1991 for its manufacturing industries as the other central European post-communist countries, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the small Baltic states and better than Romania and Bulgaria. But now it's at the bottom of the league. The country has been raped and pillaged the worst of the post-communist Europeans. So who's been running the place the last 30 years? Monsieur Putin? Non.

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The background of the WEF's higher level membership is enough to back up the statement that the Nazi Fourth Reich is alive and well look at the backgrounds of Soros, Schwab, Freeland, von der Leyen etc.

Freeland's family history is proof enough and the fact she was one of the architects of the Canadian Emergencies Act declaration in Canada to crush the convoy protests and planned the bank account freezes of Canadians who donated or participated in the trucker convoy.

No coincidence that she's also a WEF member and a trustee on their board and outranks fellow member Justin Trudeau.

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Hello from the UK

Many thanks for your article. I find the map of ethnicity very helpful as an overview.

I wrote this as the whole thing is political theatre designed to distract the masses from other evils going on. My intent and summary are serious.


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Your article has piqued my curiosity, but I'm left a little confused as to what you're saying about the extent or influence of neo-Nazi's in the Ukrainian government and military. In your conclusion, you seem to be suggesting the existence of a militarily significant neo-Nazi movement which is party to a civil war, but the sum of the evidence presented throughout the article doesn't even begin to substantiate anything approaching this degree of severity.

Am I misreading you? If I'm not misreading you, can you point me to some info or sources from which I could learn more hard facts about the scale and role of neo-Nazi elements?

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define "nazi"

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