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I am grateful to be able to learn so much from you through your substack, Cynthia. (Pass on my thanks to Matthew too please; my eyes are increasingly wider open.)

It seems the two ever-tussling over-arching poles of human history are the impulse to Freedom, and the impulse to Tyranny. (Why that is as it is I still don't know; but it seems it might have to be found in the ongoing cosmic battle between Good and Evil?)

I would love it if you also have examples like Athens & Rome with their pro-Freedom and pro-Tyranny parties, but from other civilisations... What are the examples of Freedom/Tyranny from Asia; the East; Africa; South America; etc?

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Thank you very much for transcribing this. I'm very much a reader, not a listener.

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Assange and Snowden, Socrates and Cicero of our time

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Historical context has great value but I think we are at the point where we must clearly identify the context we are dealing with. It is heavily blurred by propaganda, endless lies and treachery. The West has to re-invent itself and the sooner this starts the better, the longer war persists the harder re-invention becomes - if at all possible?

"The wars we are seeing are the aftermath of the collapse of neoliberalism. While China and Russia were building strong economies and re-inventing themselves; the neoliberal West was waging endless wars and economic plunder and pillage— operating a global extortion racket. Now that its dominance is being challenged it blunders into more and greater wars as if war will be its salvation when it only seals its fate as a failed empire. Its only real option is to re-invent itself and join the emerging multipolar world accepting its role as major world power, but it does not get to be the tail the wagging the dog. "

We are not in another cold war. This is WW lll. It is unipolarity vs multipolarity, and multipolarity is the only viable option.

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Hasta ahora lo puedo leer, es esperanzador. Gracias

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Thank you for your insights, in particular, defining ‘Sophistry’ and the serious danger it puts civilisation in. A remarkable example of leftist female Sophism was on display at a congressional hearing of Ivy League aristocrats, regarding anti-semitism- and congress’ request for a ‘yes’ or ‘no ‘answer... here’s the tweet from @RepStefanik; “Presidents of @Harvard @MIT and

@Penn REFUSE to say whether "calling for the genocide of Jews" is bullying and harassment according to their codes of conduct. Even going so far to say it needs to turn to "action" first. As in committing genocide.”

Seek out the videos and watch them. It is disturbing- but abundantly illustrates this article.

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Beautiful lecture, thank you so much!

For everyone interested in more information (even wider context), I recommend this documentary:

LPACTV: The New Dark Age. LaRouchePAC Videos, 22. 9. 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYiX_ekB6Ec

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Really good article as usual. I love your work.

However I think you have used the word "pro-consul" when you meant "consul". I believe the word "consul" refers to the two senior magistrates of Rome during the period of office, and "pro-consul" refers to anyone who had previously been elected and completed their term as consul (i.e. a former consul) and was therefore eligible to serve in a military or admnistrative role as the governer of a province.

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