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"While US Intelligence may once have been American, the British coup which destroyed the OSS soon after FDR’s untimely death put an end to that. British Intelligence and the CIA alike answer to the Crown."

Can you point me in the direction of any good work on this 'British coup' & the OSS, not something I've come across before, specifically, but I'd be very interested to learn more (articles & docus rather than books, if possible - I'm held hostage in a foreign land by COVID restrictions so can't get hold of books so easily........ I know, E-Books! but I'm not a big fan of reading books on a digital screen - I'm a bit 'analogue' & my eyes are dodgy as fk).


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Nice read; as another author stated in the last 24 hours, "you can feel it in the air." Well, I've been feeling the psychopaths and pathological liars for over 50 years; I had hoped for years that there might be a cure for these people, but now it appears that there is nothing but eternal death can bring these individuals relief from the illness that rages uncontrolled in their minds.

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