Indeed, the American experiment can not be allowed to fail

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Great post.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks. Good sobering post. Many of us have called this fascism relentlessly and have questioned the reality of upcoming election. Now events move more quickly. Important to recognize this is not “America” but a parasitic state feeding on what is left of America. It is now worldwide.

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I just watched this tonight from Matt's Substack. I'm among those millions who never knew there was an attempt on FDR's life until I read it here. Always been a fan of Smedley--we need a return of people naming their sons in his honor ;-)

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Here is summary of act referenced. Not sure how or where the broad references mentioned in the film are buried...the actual text was equally vague.


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Great essay. Well worth reading and watching the video cited in the essay.

New CP Documentary: Why Assume there will be Another Election? The 1934 Bankers Coup Revisited


I wrote about a similar subject back in December 2021 after journalist Lara Logan made comparisoms between Fauci and Nazi Megele. So I decided to compare what is happening now to the rise of the 4th Rieche after WWI. What I found was shocking. For example today's Antifa and BLM basically served the same purpose as the Brownshirts during the rise of Hitler. What we need now is action and one thing you can do is get involved in this group which is planning Anti-Globalist protests throughout the planet. Sign up today. Get involved. Our future depends on it.

Reignite World Freedom


Lara Logan makes comparison between Fauci/Mengele on November 29th, 2021, and then disappears from FOX News a few days later.

Parallels between the Holocaust and the Plandemic. And why the Plandemic could be worse

Bruce Cain Dec 2, 2021


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