A great series Cynthia!

"And thus, when there is talk by such western counterparts who today claim “warnings” of false-flag operations from our supposed foes, I would suggest you take it with not a grain but rather a pound of salt." - Amen.

It is impossible to understand the world we live in today without understanding Gladio and its connections to decade after decade of false-flag terror in the West. Were Western publics more widely aware that their own governments have routinely engaged in murdering their fellow citizens and politicians for political purposes - it would not be so difficult for those Western publics to question the validity of the current covid narratives, and the Russian invasion propaganda narratives. The studied silence of MSM regarding the history of Gladio speaks loudly to how dangerous knowledge of this history actually is. I applaud you for doing this series Cynthia. Thank you.

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Great stuff, Cynthia. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If anyone is curious how the U.S. uses NATO, the IMF, and color revolutions to maintain its hegemony, control global resources, and reduce countries to client states, they may enjoy this:


And if anyone is curious how the U.S. uses neo-Nazis to topple governments, install puppet leaders, and fight proxy wars, they may enjoy:


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Apr 20, 2022Liked by Cynthia Chung

I've heard of Operation Gladio before... appreciate your hard work in creating this memoire

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Hi Cynthia - this is the second of your essays that I have had the great pleasure to read.

Wow, wow, and wow. It confirms so much. The duplicity and the responsibility of the British Empire for creating wars for profiteering-as this is the ultimate purpose of the forever wars - global fascist capitalism seeks to profit from the endless rounds of wars and global tensions. And I really appreciate the term "British Fascism" - I had only about a year ago finally realized what I was uncomfortable about our colonial past (I am Australian) and that is that the British empire was built on public-private fascism! I recently read an essay that showed how the British deliberately lost the battle at Gallipoli in order take over Persia for British Petroleum through agents it had inside Russia that were responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution-and as an Australian I was enraged at the betrayal of the British of all our men that died at Gallipoli so they could enrich fascist global capitalism. Lol. I do rant. Great read.

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Timely; sent you an email on this subject just today. Thx!

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And further down the rabbit hole we go...I had no idea about Gladio. Seems rather similar to the assassin network that was trashed by the CIA in Jason Bourne, except that it was never really trashed and began much earlier.

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Excellent history lesson and as Cynthia says the mindset is still very much in action. This is the kind of history that was never written about in old times as the victors wrote out their story of conquest.

My intuition agrees with the Gladio tale as well from looking at what happened to Jermey corbyn is England.

200,000 young voters seeking a new destiny and self determination for aa new world have been renedered null and void with the character assassination of Jermey Corbyn proclaiming him to be anti Jewish which is a false flag in understanding. He's for human rights for all which has to be a mortal sin for this forever war crowd. It's my view that the Secret Intelligence of England has taken over the Labour Party for it's own and a way of eliminating the politlical opposition. It has been purging these people as well as Stalin did.

No democratic principals in England are on view plus the Extradition of Julian Assange to the USA for further torture. Very socially clever the way it has been done in denying England's role. Secret social moves to fool the public.

Even the Guardian who claim that the truth is sacred was involved in the character assassination.

No surprise Kennedy the Assassinations and one may as well say Matin Luther KIng are Gladio's victims.

Its ongoing in the present and very real.

Socially very sophistcated and beyond any commonplace understanding unless you read histroy which few do.

I think this gives the Gladio crowd its confidence to do as they will.

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Very educational. The West simply can not abide the "other" that insists on its growth too....like Soviets/Russia etc. Depite all the outward school lessons of competition, capitalism, etc etc blah blah...but Russia/SOviets have been our enemy since my birth, and still are in my old age. Shocking mental illness of policy. Also, likewise, internal relations as viewed from viewpoint of black citizens deaths at the hands of Police. Simply can not solve the problem and move on. Since Birth to old age. No shame.

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Mi agradecimiento infinito. Esto llena inmensos vacios, reestructura y completa mi manera de afrontar la realidad.

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