Another wonderful article Cynthia, it joined a few more dots. Good to see it all so succinctly described, meticulously put together. However, it's very depressing to realise that we wake up everyday, stuck in an empire of lies. At times, it's not hard to feel like Gulliver, stuck in an absurd Lilliputian world. Udo Ulfkotte was a brave journalist, paid the price for his honestly. Many of us appreciate the excellent and important work you do Cynthia, take care.

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May 19, 2022Liked by Cynthia Chung

Chung is to be commended for this landmark series of articles. I reviewed them here:


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Excellent. ! Your 5 part series and the various links referred to. It is necessary at this time to place this into a book. I am sure the book will have high sales potential. Do consult Michel Chossudovsky.

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Just watched an interview with Fridman (?) and Tucker Carlson that blathered on about Nope. No Nazis here. No Nazis there. All to dismiss claims by Putin to the contrary.

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Believe it or not, the BBC scooped Josh Cohen by 4 years.




The Guardian also took a kick at the cat:


Even Time Magazine weighed in:


This stuff is not hard to find with compound searches, the only real surprise is that YouTube hasn't taken it down.

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Why do you keep using the word fascist/fascism in the wrong context? Isn't international fascism a contradiction in terms?

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If asleep

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