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Your posts on the psychological warfare against humanity are essential to raising awareness and discernment in the public. Without the knowledge of these warfare tactics, the cognitive dissonance more easily manipulates people through emotions of fear. Thank you.

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Great post, thank you. It will take me awhile to process all this. But initially I too am impressed by this sort of schizophrenic nature demonstrated in our culture historically. As I am also impressed by the quite schizophrenic nature of these times and of the nature of schizophrenia in fascism and totalitarianism this is something I plan to further explore.

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Thank you for this inpiring post. Love the Schiller reminders. There is much here to inspire further research, and much to just savor. I'd just finished your recent book and had indeed wondered where one might find a redemptive approach to the vast corruption we find ourselves swimming in societally. I particularly appreciate your noting the importance of IMAGINING a better future, free of slavery, etc.

I would say that not all the counter culture should be written off. I think of Paul Kantner the founder of Jefferson Airplane, who responded to an ealry interview on the impetus for him to create the band. I paraphrase his reply: " We all knew they got away with murdering JFK, and there was no going back to normal. Someone needed to do or say something..." He would later be criticized as a naive idealist for spending time in Nicaragua and supporting the revolution..

On gaslighting, are there any resources out there on the massive psyop known as NPR?!? Who runs this clown show? Of all the gaslighting operations going on, this is the one no one is talking about, but I would say it is the most insidious - it is vast and subtle, the voices soft, their shows mildly interesting at times. But their news feed is utter wall-to-wall propaganda of the highest order - from which stories are chosen and the way events are framed, to the cloying manipulative interviewing and highbrow tsk-tsk-ing of any dissenting viewpoint... to the utter lack of historical contexts provided, etc. I run into a brick wall every time I try to discuss this with so many of my former lifelong friends who mainline this stuff all day every day.

Thank you for all you are doing!

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Marvel and Hollywood teach ordinary people that they are powerless to effect change, and that they can only be saved by an external force, a Superman. They have no agency and are powerless. They must wait for a superhero, who will reward them with no effort on their part.

Likewise, CRT teaches that whites are oppressive and blacks perpetual victims. The implication is that blacks have no agency and are powerless to improve their lot unless some external hero with super powers rescues them. It teaches blacks to be passive, dependent and irresponsible, that no matter how talented they are, society will not allow them to succeed. Nor are they responsible for their own failure. The black person captured by that ideology thinks, "Why bother. Nothing I do will improve my lot."

We need to realize that the Frankfort School was itself an elite institution and often used its cultural hegemony to foster ideologies that have served the elite class and have been damaging to all non-elites. Thus, CRT is itself an elite-supremacist, racist ideology fostering a slave mentality, designed to keep blacks subservient. Of course racism exists, but it is not the cause of all black failures. Bullies will always find an excuse to bully, but the excuse is never the real reason and does not pervade society.

As Frederick Douglass explained, he found the power and the freedom within himself. He did not need a superhero.

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Loved your personal story Cynthia - it really made the plot to what you were conveying in this...

Much gratitude... now to make the seeking of beauty and peace to become all our inspirations!

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Brilliant presentation. Shared widely.

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There are many thousands of authors, artists, and inventors I know personally who are for freedom and decency and beauty. We are building new civilisations. It's not easy but we have a great power on our side, the power of love. God is love. We are in the act of overcoming tyranny.

Let us pray: Eternal Father please help us free the slaves, stop the wars, and end tyranny. Please help with guidance, resources, ingenuity, endurance, fortitude, and patience. Please show us the little fires so we may pass by them. Please bring love into our lives so we remember what we have to live for. Amen.

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What I have observed over my years on this planet is that as a child I never did all the things that were expected of me. I was fully rebellious to the norms. The music I listened to, the way I dressed, etc. I was never a 'normal' kid or adult. I always viewed this as my shield. For, as it turns out, it truly was a shield. Try as they might, they tried to indoctrinate me; I wasn't having it. For a time, I did fall into the trap and lost everything- twice. Home, family, friends, and all the things that people had defined themselves by. However, when you've been homeless twice and you feel like there is no hope for you at a good life its when you start to think about what a Good life is. When you start to think about that you start to think about your Freedom in a different way. The trap is falling into the box that "They" want you to be in. I thank God for giving me the wherewithal and the armor to resist. Not ONE single time have I ever succumbed to the "shock treatment" of this whole engineered crisis we are living through. Everyday, I question my ability to continue to resist or in another reality will I simply choose the steak because it tastes good? If the steak represents slavery, I would prefer the bitter sweet taste of Freedom and do without. But, boy is it exhausting. thank you Cynthia.

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If people are confused about the choices available in viewing the reality one can’t say they are truly conscious.

To say one doesn’t know how to reach an alternative reality means they don’t know how to go there and play.

To think for oneself isn’t for everyone.

Your topic describes the social reality of the accepted known rules up to now.

The unknown ?

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It's so much more fun when I have to take from here to the other window on the other screen, people forget often that patience & effort is more akin to self security than merely relying on convenience of single device & it's "inherent cybersafety".

This article is now on "Minds" platform for my fellow oarsmen on our meme drakkar, I thank you for them. Skol.

https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1577685555657838594?referrer=flyingaxblade <~~ found here

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Kantian ethics is not based on ‘duty’, but on rationality. In short, our highest value must be humanity because to prioritise any other value is contradictory and self-defeating (The Categorical Imperative).

The idea that Culture is our proper basis for understanding of reality is provably false. Rationality, which amounts to the 3 laws of logic is the structure of meaning/sense, and the the sole basis for construction and discernment of reality from non-reality, objectivity from subjectivity, sense from nonsense. Culture/tradition is the most irrational aspect of every human being insofar as it is a bundle of dependencies imposed and accepted without rational evaluation.

In view of this we can start understanding writers like Adorno, Marcuse, Fromm, and of course the father of modern Tavistock: W.R. Bion. The author of this lecture asserts that these individuals were bent of destroying human freedom, on controlling our minds, but the content of this ‘lecture’ implies otherwise. They claimed that the freedom of the traditional man is an illusion, a lie, and that genuine freedom is possible only if we would lose our psychological dependency on tradition and culture. This was explicitly manifested in the work of Bion, who created a space without authority for individuals not to become dependent on his views as the ‘therapist’. He negates his own authority in order to participate in the group, as simply one of its members, and demonstrated the almost insurmountable drive of the group to appoint a totalitarian leader, who was invariably the most psychiatrically disturbed individual that the group could produce. By allowing the group to go through this process they were able to become aware of something they would not accepted without the experience, that they are not free, because they refuse to assume authority over their own thoughts and actions. Only once aware of this they can conquer this instinct and begin to collaborate as autonomous individuals, each taking full moral responsibility for their actions. http://freudians.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Wilfred-R.-Bion-Experiences-in-Groups-and-other-papers-1991.pdf

In contrast, calling an essay or speech a ‘lecture’ does the opposite. It assumes authority over the audience and asserts the speaker as the subject-matter expert. This is serving the desire for dependency on a totalitarian leader.

While there may well be a link between Tavistock intellectuals and the Great Reset, their (Bion, Marcuse, Fromm, Adorno) motivation did not at all appear to be based on the desire to control the minds but on the opposite: seeking to revolutionising freedom, liberating us from unseen dependencies that ultimately lead to genocide. I am of course speculating because we cannot possibly know what motivation drives Tavistock today; the aims may have changed over time, but one thing is clear that the present article presents no evidence to support its conclusion tha the aim is mind control on mass scale.

For those interested in researching this topic in more depth, you may wish to participate in our community project: https://t.me/NormalParty/2362

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