Thank you for your work Cynthia. I will certainly be purchasing your book in the near future. Currently I am in a deep dive into the world of Social Justice Theory reading a variety of critiques of the various components from gender-theory, to critical race theory, post-colonial theory, etc. As someone who comes to this subject from a background of the study of the history of CIA efforts to manipulate the public mind - I cannot shake the suspicion that the new emerging wave of "Social Justice" is somehow tied to similar cultural "manipulation."

Surely when all of Academia, all the MSM, all the big NGO's, all the major corporations, all Western governments, right down to local governments and my local YMCA - are all singing the same irrational illogical song - a song that completely fractures any ability for the masses to organize cooaltions that might threaten oligarchy - one must ask "who benefits" and "who might be behind" such a movement?

Given what we know about the Congress of Cultural Freedom's activities, about the CIA's funding and support of such subtle social factors as Abstract Expressionism, one cannot help but wonder how and to what extent, quietly behind the scenes has the CIA (and affiliated agencies) helped direct oligarchic funding streams to DEI posts and departments within academia, to new gender-study and CRT departments and professorships, etc. - resulting in the quiet promotion of a "Post-modern" assault on material reality itself. I cannot help but think that if the CIA's secret behind the scenes workings have NOT been at play in promoting this movement as an assault on material reality itself - that would mean the boys in Langley have completely fallen down on the job.

From my reading of Social Justice Theory so far it appears to entail a sort of "controlled demolition" of objective "reality" itself - replacing reason, rationality and scientific method with "feelings" and an open assault on free speech and freedom of expression - witness the recent debacle at Stanford Law School of students and the assistant DEI officer shutting down a talk by a federal judge. Given my knowledge of the history of the manipulation of the public mind - I cannot imagine that the rise of Social Justice Theory and it's spread from Academia to the society at large hasn't somehow seen the invisible hand of the CIA and oligarchy guiding the process. Just my two cents.

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Excellent series. Thank you. No one can accuse you of not doing your research.

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The William F Buckley taken in Beirut was no relation to the columnist of the same name, and about the same age. But that man was reportedly active in CIA, at officer level, for long after he had supposedly left the agency. (The infamous National Review was almost certainly founded with, and propped up by, Agency money).

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