This Terrific living history ought to be taught to our children as opposed to indoctrination of the mass through the education system.

No hope this will change soon however you’ve given it a basis to stand upon.

Notice Substack is fooling around with its comment format making it complicated.

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Thanks, Cynthia. That’s a lot of great information about Kissinger and the transformation of the CIA, and I’m happy to say I learned a few things I didn’t know, especially about Kissinger.

I’d like to add that most of this transformation of the CIA (let alone it’s corrupt creation in the first place) would/could have not been possible without Rothschild & Rockefeller’s absolute control over all of these bad-actors, particularly their control over the entire world money supply, trade, scarcity, war-weapons manufacturing, the American & World Press, all political parties & conflicts, the FBI, the State and Justice Department—to this very day. I understand there are many other ultra rich war-profiteering slavers I could mention, or just use words like oligarch, but none within this group of Eugenicist-monsters have the power these two families have, including the Vatican and English Royalty.

Just this year a Rothschild made a very short TikTok clip bragging to viewers that his family “owners and controls” the Central Banks and is worth more than $500 Trillion. It’s puzzling to most the purpose, unless you understand the psychology and sickness of their money/power junky minds.

I personally have one focus; “their” lawyers who write all the policies for their (not our) policy makers and micromanage the entire New World Order agenda. We can go round and round in circles all day about corrupt, manipulated elections (which all of them are), or that Biden is soulless-evil (which he is), or complain about Trump being sidelined, cheated or unfairly prosecuted (but for lesser crimes he’s guilty of)—all by the same monsters who control Biden—but until Americans, Canadians and the rest of the world begin resisting this demented Left vs. Right fight club paradigm, start resisting the temptation of endless argumentative-conflicts, stop warring each-other over which side of Satan’s ass stinks the most or least…humanity is finished. All of these divisions are created and sustained by the same monsters via all of their Lawyers—who without their “legal” help would be powerless.

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Richard C

Writes Richard’s Substack

1 hr ago

I am now reading Cynthia Chung's outstanding essays and am in full accord. My name is Richard Cook, I am a former US government analyst and whistleblower, and will soon be publishing my book "Our Country, Then and Now" on Clarity Press. On Sunday, September 17, I will be giving a presentation on Matthew Ehret 's channel where I summarize my book. I provide a 450 page overview of US history and it's takeover by the globalists. I call for a return to sanity through monetary reform with a modern version of Lincoln's Greenbacks. I have Native American heritage and include content on their rich history and modern day importance. I may be reached on monetaryreform@gmail.com.

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The world has been run by a handful of satanic assholes since babylonians times, when they perfected 'babylonian slave management' the notion that a slave is a free man

Some call it a 'great turning' when one Elite replaces another, I call it the 'great toilet flush', but this time we need to flush every fucking 'elite' on earth down into the sewer pipes.

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"Such a tragic state is surmountable through the Christian religion, in deep Orthodox experience, perhaps in Hesychastic prayer. It is also surmountable through active deeds that transform the world, through the will to correct and decorate it, to turn it into something meaningful and just, and to reach towards the primordial heavenly archetypes, towards what God originally wanted from us, but from which we have shrunk back."

From Daria Dugina's new book. May she rest in peace.

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Once again the chilling developments of the psychopaths , so marvellously put together. Keep shining the light.

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hey cynthia great article. You seem quite informed. However, have you tried reaching out to TLAV directly and working with him.

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Yes . Do I ever appreciate it too. Rising tide lifts all boats is a concept one hears little of these days.

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This is a great synopsis of the American descent from democracy to totalitarianism, by direct subversion of British Royalists. How anyone can consider the English aristocracy, which brutally suppressed democracy, not only around the world, but on its doorstep in Wales, Ireland and Scotland, to be purveyors of a liberal democracy, is beyond comprehension.

I never understood why Russia was regarded as a threat after WW2 or Nazis were given safe passage, until reading some of Cynthia’s historical writings. It always seemed like a flimsy lie that we needed Nazi scientists to develop weapons to defeat Russia, when it was Russia who helped defeat the Nazis.

A point that I think Cynthia has missed, however, is that Alexander Hamilton, aided and abetted the British in a financial takeover of the US, after their military defeat, in his creation of the Bank of the US. Perhaps he didn’t have that ad an aim intentionally, but his actions had that effect, nonetheless.

Also, his constant droning on about honor was clearly a cover, at least in part, for his distinctly dishonest activities.

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the problem with our democracy, it has been high- jacked and codified by institutions like the EU

and harnessed by the forces of capitalism

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Very nice, thank you.

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15 minutes, that's all you get


RFK-jr is just another one of them, they never let anybody get more than 15+ minutes on the MSM unless they are owned, this is called the "Andy Warhol" rule of MSM, everybody gets 15 minutes, after that you are owned or cancelled, been this rule since 1960's when CIA took over USA MSM.

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So like unto a true Chinaphobe hysteric, you divert and reveal yourself as really nothing more than a fashion critique, reduced to ad hominem attacks on a historical figure, (though far from perfect), most Chinese yet revere. Not surprised at all; shine a light on cockroaches and watch them scurry. As with Paul, I “suffer fools gladly”, yet there reaches a limit. Fini with you on this thread. Peace Out.

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I think so too and it’s in progress by those countries which rebelled decades ago with revolutions namely Russia, Iran, China

To make it real for us , the fooled ones , we need to know through honest history.

How I’ve suffered their hubris without knowing why!

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