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Brilliant article!!!

Dostoevski's Brothers Karamazov has a chapter on the Inquisitor Torquemada who imprisons and interrogates Jesus before burning at the heretics stake. Cardinal Torquemada, a Dominican, meaning "Gods Dogs".

Ivan Karamazov begins to tell his story: The Grand Inquisitor speaks:


"And do you think I would conceal our secret from you?

Perhaps it is my own lips that you want to hear it from—then listen: we are not with you, but with him, there is our secret!

We have long been not with you, but with him, eight centuries now.

It is now just eight centuries since we took from him that which you in indignation rejected, that final gift he offered you, when he showed you all the kingdoms of the world: we took from him Rome and the sword of Caesar and announced that we alone were the kings of the world, the only kings, even though to this day we have not succeeded in bringing our task to its complete fulfillment."

All Russia knows this - and the "West" now serves "him" - NATOpaganistan.

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Inexhaustible and highly historically elusive powers make it hard, to say the least, to determine simply what was/is good or bad for a humble human as I consider myself. Love this series and your other enduring work! God Bless!!!

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Great history lesson.

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The following is just my weathering of my thoughts and it isnt meant as any critique.

I just want to explain where I am before reading on in the series.

One impression I have had before is that the anglosaxons are pushing an intense critique against the vatican while they themselves, in my maybe mistaken impression, are actually totally infiltrating catholicism.

In both the US and UK I have been suspecting.

Using everything as proxy.

Recently I have read that the catholic church has now had to accept freemasonry to acquire more influence. It was one critical catholic official who attested to that.

See, though I trust this article, it evokes many questions about several aspects.

Until I have studied the continuation of this series I will only indicate some thoughts it evokes.

Napoleon forced the leadership of the Knights Of Malta to change base to Rome in 1798 I think.

Knowing about some passages during the 19th century when Britains secret power increased and knowing that Napoleon was less well-funded by the bankers than Britain makes it reasonable for me to speculate that Napoleon could have been, to an extent, acting partially in somebody else's interests.

The secret I was thinking about concerned how the change of secret leadership of freemasonry took place involving Mazzini and Lord Palmerston just in time one year before Victorias coronation.

Mazzini is claimed by some sources to have become the leader of Illuminati in 1834 and Palmerston to have become the Grand Patriarch in 1837. The catholics seem to have researched this issue and published critical works.

The pope in 1884 and the priest George F Dillon in 1885.

He thinks Mazzini assassinated Palmerston's predecessor as Grand Patriarch.

The predecessor was a nobleman from Rome with the codename 'nubius'.

Since Mazzini had to seek cover in Britain I believe his status as leader of Illuminati doesnt mean he was the most powerful.

Further I discovered that the high freemasons, all using codenames, had continued to write letters to nubius over a decade after 1837.

One particular letter was formulated in a way that I interpret to mean: 'I wont write more letters unless I get paid'

Not sure I make the right interpretation from an italian and,to me, obscurely formulated original but as it seems to me Palmerston's subordinate, yet high, freemasons were covering up for Palmerstons secret leadership as the worlds leading freemason.

This happened as Palmerston was busy organising modern zionism and the early Israel project. Since nubius was a nobleman from Rome it makes me wonder what kind of misdirection may have been going on concerning blaming the vatican and so forth.

Making Romans lead the Maltese order points all suspicions closer to the Vatican but doesnt necessarily provide an explanation for what it really means.

Another immediate thought when studying this article is of course to wonder about who it is inside the Vatican that runs things. I expect this will be coming up in the series.

But I remember I think Larouche claimed that during the 19th century the Vatican became totally infiltrated by other parts of the western oligarchy.

And Webster Tarpley explained how Contarini was behind both sides in the religious wars in the 17th century that happened long after Contarini's death. Him having initiated both Ignatius Loyola and John Calvin.

Tarpley writes that those two were instructed in Venice and Genua respectively before embarking on their respective missions.

That doesnt sound like the Vatican at least in the 1500s would have had a completely independent status.

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Fascinating series, thank you for all this sunshine.

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