This is peripheral to this great article, but it should be recognized that at least in my young time during the 60s in the US that much of the groundwork for the counter-culture was laid by the repressive, stodgy, anti-intellectual, and conformist atmosphere choking us from the 50s. Too bad these brainiacs added their toxic ideology to the reaction., and they did, as the article aptly illustrates.

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So how did this movement metastasize into Masonic lodges in cities and towns across America?

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“There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.”

Perhaps in Russia or China which are countries which have suffered the most under their communist/freemason dictatorships.

The dystopian future you have envisioned will not come to be, and surly not in countries which have experienced freedom.

True is that the new age “soma” is now digital and to be more specific, is being administrated via S.M.A.R.T. “Cell” phones to which people have become compleatly addicted too, but true is also that people are not sheep as some like to make them believe to be.

True is also that when a man is pushed to a corner or to the edge of precipice, he will eventually do all in its power to get out of that corner, or to avoid to fall.

Anyhow, all of the famous so called thinkers by you mentioned, except for Jung, were all brain and soul less sociopaths and brainwashed freemasons, just like the actuators of this patentdemic we are witnessing.

The very fact that all of those sociopaths have no understanding about life out of their glass bubbles, is the reason why they have no chance to succeed.

People are waking up to the facts, and facts are the destroyers of deception and of the deceivers.

People are rising allover the world and no media blackout will be able to contain their inevitably coming to be “fury”.

The winds of change are starting to blow and the coming storm will sett us free.

Read my writings if you are not afraid to learn the untold truth of our history “I advise you to start with my “Holy diet””.

If you choose to do so, please don't mind my pore english and occasional typos, english is not my first, second or third language, but you should be able to understand what I wrote.

Moreover, since you are interested in the occult, I advise you to read also my “bocksaga.substack.com

Anyhow please, keep some positivity cause we all need it.

Thanks for your article.


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Hi Cynthia, great article. A couple of questions.

1) I remember reading this other article of yours https://cynthiachung.substack.com/p/understanding-the-tri-fold-nature. How does all this stuff about counter-culture and world religion tie into it? Is this covered in The Shaping of a World Religion: From Jesuits, Freemasons & Anthropologists to MK Ultra & the Counter-Culture Movement PART III?

2) Forgive my naivité and simplemindedness, but would this then mean that Jung was an abhorrent character with perverse megalomaniac intentions? I'm asking this because I've been hearing (often in so called "truther" circles) about the brilliance of his ideas for so long that I'm not sure what to make of this. Same would go for Steiner.

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Visions of a dystopian future along the lines of Huxley or Orwell don't alarm me nearly as much as the consequences of the inevitable collapse that will result from their implementation. We've already had an example of this: the Soviet Union.

The problem is easy to understand. Modern industrial society requires an educated cadre of scientists, engineers and technicians in order to function properly. For that, you need intelligent people who are capable of independent thought, however that precondition can't be met in a system based on rigid political orthodoxy which discourages any sort of thinking "outside the box."

Here's an example of what I mean:


Now imagine the pall that cast over K's colleagues when they learned of his fate. Not a good incentive for creative thinking. Safer to just tow the party line. Unfortunately, the party line doesn't prepare you for a nuclear emergency such as occurred at Chernobyl, which likely would never have happened if: 1. the people in charge were actually qualified to run the thing, and 2. the people who recognized the inherent danger in the design weren't afraid to speak up.

Now multiply that by the number of reactors currently in world service, which is about 400 with another 300 on the way. Not all are as dangerous as the Soviet RBMK design, but some definitely are. That's just one example. Now apply that to everything from mining to energy, to the electrical grid, to building and maintaining the equipment needed for industrial production, then add in transportation and distribution of everything needed for that to continue. That's without even considering the improvements needed to account for obsolescence, plus mitigating the unintended consequences of poor design and a lack of properly trained workers.

Sure it can persist for a time - 74 years in the case of the USSR - but eventually it will fail at a critical point, after which all bets are off. It's a miracle actually that the USSR survived the collapse without much bloodshed, but can the same result be expected in America, which already suffers from the education deficit brought about by the replacement of (relatively) free markets by the rigid ideology currently in place? What you end up with is something like the 1985 parody of 1984 - 'Brazil' where nothing works properly anymore.


The only thing they left out of that film is the finale, where things break down past the point where people's daily needs can be met, after which it's every man for himself. Basically 'The Walking Dead' minus the zombies, although there'll no doubt be a few of those as well.

Most people have no idea how fragile industrial society really is. It's not a complete stand alone system that just needs occasional tinkering - it never was. It's a work in progress that requires constant attention and most critically, creative thinking, which you'll never achieve in a totalitarian state, regardless of what name it goes by.

As for retreating into an idyllic pagan past that never existed except in people's imagination, good luck with that once desperate city dwellers find you. You better have a plan for that eventuality, and there goes the carefree atmosphere once you realize that survival requires harsh measures, including towards your own people who've lost touch with reality. That kind of thing works well enough when it has the external support of an industrial society, but even the Amish depend on that for some of their needs, and they've had over 200 years to work things out.

One of the most ridiculous concepts to emerge from the so-called social sciences is this idea of a 'post-industrial' society. It's pure BS conjured up by people with no experience at running an actual manufacturing economy. There's nothing 'post-industrial' about the present world when you take China into account. All that's happened is the pieces have been moved around on the board, facilitated by another massive intellectual fraud known as fractional reserve banking and international finance.

I better leave it at that before I have a stroke because this stuff just makes me ap​o​plectic.

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This was my first reading of yours, but have you posted about the book "Changing Images of Man" in regards to social engineering?

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Cynthia, what is your definition of anarchist, or anarchism? What are their beliefs?

I think this explanation would go a long way toward giving better context to this discussion. We are given this term many times in this article, but we are never told what it means. We are left to give the term form in our own imaginations, which might be subject to all kinds of biases.

Who, or what, is an anarchist, for the purposes of this discussion?

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Just a note: Max Weber died in 1920 and had nothing to do with the IfS.

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The madness of the “modern” intellectual where it’s felt everything had been denied to them as a pampered immature child would think of its universe.

Death awaited its Inspiration rather than to live in its undefinable ways.

They nailed it down onto their cross.

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"However favorable may have been the conditions for mystic phenomena, it should be clearly understood that Jesus of Nazareth never resorted to such methods for communion with the Paradise Father. Jesus had no subconscious delusions or superconscious illusions." The Urantia Book, Paper 100, Section 5.

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Thank you for this very informative essay Cynthia. Regarding “sex magic” I advise you to do some research on the connections between the OTO and the gnostic church. I also advise you to do some research on the oldest and once most secretive mythology/history on the planet. (Bock saga).

Here a link to a page.


Symbology is essential to show the links and mentions of the secret societies

From the Bock saga you will learn the true meaning of sex magic.

You will also learn the true meaning of the Ouroboros or snake biting its own tail, and the reason why is now and as always been the ultimate symbol to describe fertility and eternity.

Feel free to ask me more about it ;)

Look forward to the next part of this and more of your great essays.

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Is part 4 forthcoming soon?

Since you have done such a great job exposing the Progressive movement and how long it has been in motion, at some point will you suggest a counter that those who are feeling overrun can employ or will you simply advise that this is the way of mankind/civilization that must be played out and endured?

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