Thank you for writing the delightful reads and making those available free of charge. For me, your work goes a long way.

I’m hopeful that your thought and writing will take you toward the so-called systems theory in a similar way that it took you toward the game theory (in another article of yours that I enjoyed reading). Enlighten us, Ms Chung, will ya!

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Great stuff, thank you Cynthia.

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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Cynthia Chung

Quite enlightening. Obviously, our modern problems aren't so modern after all. The eugenicists are now the WEF great resetters, and the defectives are the useless eaters.

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Oct 31, 2021Liked by Cynthia Chung

Thank you...looking forward to the next essay in the series.

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Fix this:

Aldous’ grandfather T.H. Huxley (1825-1895) had made a name for himself by the age of twenty-five and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1950.

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Thank you Cynthia also love the new film!!

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Anyone who believe complicated organisms arise by evolution through genetic mutation is a fool. Single celled organism mutate and survive, but for the rest of us, I will stick with the idea of a creator and fallen angels and multiple cataclysms.

Sumerian record of kings goes back 250,000 years with rulers staying in power for over 20,000 years at a time. These were not humans. Humanoid may look like Adam but is not Adam. Maybe purchase the most recent Steve Quayle product regarding his dig in Mexico.

I came to this substance because I had come across Matt's rumble channel and although they are both very intelligent are still not hitting on Truth.

Jesus is the Truth the Way and the Life and he told us who was the enemy.

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I had a thought reading this article...I'm not finished but almost. The sheer volume of yours and Matt's work is overwhelming for a poor brain like mine (yes I'm awake...I sometimes wish I weren't)...but I digress...

What if...

Bibi is Hitler?

Not in the pure fascist sense, but one of the "chosen" (hmm...isn't there a T.V. series by that name...another rat hole?)...sorry, I'm digressing again...my mind runs amuck a lot...

What if Bibi, in attempting to save his own neck (he was about to be arrested, no?) decided to pursue the depopulation agenda like Hitler decided he didn't want to be a bureau chief when he could be Emperor (like Napoleon)?

That's why Washington now has a huge problem. He popped the champaign cork too soon. Instead of delighting his oligarchical pals (masters really, he's too stupid to realize he is being played...as are, I suspect, all Zionists and NAZIs) he decided to take matters into his own hands.

With all the world-wide protests going on, you can't simply send those robot dogs with guns (the Boston Dynamics guys are preparing a really nice apartment for themselves in HELL) out into the streets and murder everyone.

Just like you couldn't have EVERYONE dropping dead after getting jabbed. So was the scamdemic "conditioning" for the real bio-weapons coming? Or is it part of the "long game?" Although, I find it hard to believe the current crop of psychopathic "governors" have the patience of their 18th and 19th century "mentors."

I had this thought once at Bush Gardens while waiting to ride one of their scary roller coasters. What if, when the train pulled into the station, everyone was DEAD. And all the college kids operating the ride ran out with stretchers, pulled all the dead bodies out of the cars and stacked them for removal later.

Question: Would you get on the ride?


Is Bibi really Hitler throwing a monkey wrench into the finely tuned (HA!) plans of Karl Swab (another flunky) and the clown who's REALLY running everything?

Just a thought...

Thanks for all you and Matt do!! You help make this vale of tears tolerable.

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gagggging, all the "posticieskljdive" you did good...dismiss them as frineds. If you WANT ME TO RULE THE WORLD WITH MY FAIR HANDS OF ... well you'd have to see what I post on Minds. https://youtu.be/W7B9KGhNSSU?si=igI4cIcYj0eyEDhs

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I shared on Minds to my dozen vikings assaulting Castle Monasteries?



I made your post sound like a Pro Start Rek.,,star trke...beer,,,stupind brewing nuns running away with Luther...

oh, my fingers on keyboardd & I lost my gkasses...be vwery careful.

I said something between sips (read guzzles...<---I can zee the z's! I spelt z right!) because the Monastaries were gay.

They used to hang gay people.

It's why there are "eth's" not "susses"...Hears becomes heareth because it was behind curtains & in corridors.

Do you know that? AHA! If I don't look at keepboard or screen I type great, like I'm taking dictation from my other mind!

It was a real crime to steal a horse once. An election, not worth the time to quarter, hang until almost dead, tie to 4 horses and have a mail system, IN PLACE <<---not looking on caps, bunch of bad times...I found extra pitchfork

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Thanks for the in-depth reporting on the confusing quandary of our human existence to question.

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Your discovering a persistent truth in regards to the eugenics wishes of the socially dominant for control of what is perceived as knowledge allowing them to thrive.

Tainted knowledge I’m afraid.

It’s not going away as you note as it’s an attribute of the biological drive to survive .I’d say .

Heresy! We are animals?? Outrageous! Is their response .

Yet universal truths emerge through science in reshaping our perceptions about our world away from “the only truth is the truth of human hubris”

The truth of the living spanning a billion years which none care to contemplate yet as even existing underlies the matrix.

Now it’s possible through our science to understand life’s experiences in a different light so to speak.

It’s more fun than the obeying the Hubris Gang

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I’ve never read Brave New World so as I was reading the Monti quote I thought it was an actual quote from a real life oligarch/manager. I couldn’t even tell it was fiction because it is how these guys actually speak and write in real life.

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I like your work. However I do think you should disclose who funds both the rising tide foundation, and the strategic culture foundation. Are you able to do this?

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