Thank you Cynthia for your excellent well documented report confirming the Canadian Government IS in fact a pro-nazi establishment. Obviously there wasn't just one 97 year old Nazi on Parliament Hill on that very dark Friday in Ottawa.

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We are living in a time of great revelation and seeing just how deeply rooted fascism is in the West. Hitler was defeated but not fascism.

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I might also add that when Speaker of the House, Rota made the error he was reading from a script. The question is who wrote the script? He also faltered when he read the passage which may mean he himself questioned the veracity of the statement. Was Rota thrown under the bus for another person's error? Was the script written in the PMO? Many MP's speak from scripted speeches prepared for them . It is well known Russophobia is well entrenched in this government, and Stephane Dion, former party leader, and Foreign Affairs minister was fired for being in favor of rapprochement with Russia.

Why has not one Parliamentarian, of any party, spoken for peace when the world is more threatened than ever by greater wars?

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What else should we expect from the Operation Paperclip criminal masterminds?

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Cynthia does a fine job of connects the dots. The picture that emerges is terrifying. No wonder no one wants to talk about the present state of affairs. But we definitely need to address this slide into a very dark autoritarian rule. It's much more ominous if our society is just hoping it magically goes away.

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Zelensky NAZI salute in his YouTube comedy sketch back in 2015

"Today, our president, the most important one, Barack Obama, has promised that we will join NATO soon, as an American henchman, of course.

If you can, please send me Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ They are sold out here!"


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Canada under Trudeau is Destroyed. EVIL

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It’s the most brilliant moment of truth to come out of Ottawa in a century and naturally it had to be a unconscious act!

Clearly the Deputy Prime Minister Freeland organized it all just looking at the joy on her face at the three standing ovations for her spiritual ancestors redemption .

Ottawa isn’t Canada 🇨🇦

It’s a Cult for those unconscious of the truth of our times.

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unconscious act?

I doubt it.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it does, you can bet it was planned that way" ----Franklin D Roosevelt

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The only disagreement between Nazis and Trotsky communists was who would control the totalitarian empire once it was set up. That's why they often work well together. They are united in their contempt for the demos.

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This is from 2014. I don't take the parts about the symbolism too seriously but the rest of it is pretty insightful considering it preceded all this unraveling by several years.

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City


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And they run the world by deceit. Evil hides behind lies.

People believe lies and so do not know the truth of their world. Once someone believes something, getting them to see the truth is a challenge.

A perfect example is the official explanation by NIST that the 47 story building caught fire and fell down. Almost everyone believes it because it comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Okay, it is a violation of the laws of physics besides being stupid. We have had building codes for centuries to make sure that building don't just fall down. They can burn down but not fall down.

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a couple of random thoughts, because I frankly don't understand all of this. I have read Cynthia's book-very thought provoking.

1. why are so many Jews apparently Nazi's?

2. who would be so stupid to think the Canadian parliament event would be good press? Is Canadian Nazism "coming out"?

3. WW2 seems increasingly to have been anti-Sov Union, not anti-Nazi. (?) Was German nazism simply a tool for other countries to disable Soviet Union?

4. bluntly speaking, is Trudeau a Nazi? is Freeland? Is Zelenski? is that the accusation running below the surface of this article?

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Hey Jim, I completely understand the confusion. I would suggest that the best way to understand these paradoxes is to regard Nazism as an inferior sub-class of the British brand of fascism (which is just a continuation of the concept of empire from Babylon, to Rome, to Venice, to Britain and now the United States), what was termed "social imperialism" as was promoted by Lord Milner and the Round Table (with Cecil Rhodes et al as the spiritual father of this movement), the Fabians and its brand of Marxism, London School of Economics, Mackinder etc. etc. Then there was Mussolini's Corporate Fascism which was clearly favored over Hitler's brand of fascism by those in "high places". Nazism is the most juvenile and simple-minded of all these brandings, but as we see is a useful dumb giant to execute the will of social imperialism.

Therefore to answer your first question, I would say they are not and would not consider themselves Nazis, but more a "social imperialist" type, a la League of Nations perspective. Thus, they view themselves as part of an elite class and justify the enslavement or outright elimination of certain sections of the populations and regions of the world. They regard such brandings as "Nazis" at the end of the day as useful mad dogs, they are to make up the legion but not the true seat of power. However, as was explained in Chapter 2 of my book, this view was not considered "fit" for a certain kind of Jew, basically as Kalergi's father himself attests there was to be a difference in viewing an "assimilated" Jew vs "non-assimilated" and the latter were to be the ones who would have to be forcefully removed from Europe, namely the eastern European Jews which Richard Kalergi confirms in his writing is his view. Recall they were at first planning on dumping eastern European Jews in the middle of Africa, as was discussed with Joseph Chamberlain and Theodor Herzl.

For the second question, I think the answer is they simply do not care about the repercussions to such things because they think they do not have to face the consequence of such things. Just look at the long lists of scandals that the clown puppet Justin Trudeau has accrued and yet absolutely nothing. Western governments have now become above the law and above the criticism of the people, and they do as they please for the most part, we are already living in a largely totalitarian system of government. However, it is not people like Trudeau, Zelensky or even Freeland (who is a higher-level manager) who are calling the shots. They have to abide by the script and they think they are safe as long as they do so and will be among the favourite pets who can live a good life in this League of Nations dark age. Thus, the way I see it, such "blunders" are really a sign of a growing confidence that what has been in the shadows can begin to be brought out into the open. This is one of the reasons why they want our culture to become degraded, so that we will be unable to criticise their own beastial system and behaviour, and many will even look up to it. This has been the goal of the counter-culture movement to this day.

In answer to your question three correct, however, the answer is more complicated. The way I have come to understand things thus far is that the Soviet Union was originally supposed to be a Trotskyist branding. Lenin did not do as he was told by his British handlers at the end of the day and was killed. I do think that Lenin did honestly want something better for Russia. When Stalin came into power it was game over in terms of the previous relations held with certain British et al corridors and this was an absolute disaster for those who thought the mayhem of the Russian Revolution would work in their favor in terms of power politics based in London. Thus, Stalin and his version of Soviet Russia had to go. WWII fascism was supposed to be a shoo-in and it was the resistance by Stalin and Roosevelt who scraped it into a dumpster. Clearly, it would look odd to declare Roosevelt as an enemy on equal footing to Hitler (though they tried, recall James Burnham et al), and it was largely the Stalinists who were physically fighting the Italian fascists and the German Nazis (and later the Japanese fascists!!!) for most of WWII, yet they have gone down in history as something just as bad as Hitler and the Nazis. No one ever wants to bring up what kind of world we would be living in right now if Russia did not fight back the Nazis. Susan Butler wrote a fantastic book “Portrait of a Partnership” showcasing the interaction between Roosevelt and Stalin from archives, in terms of this new economic outlook that was the very antithesis to social imperialism and corporate fascism. Thus, it was these two opposing economic outlooks (and thus outlook on the treatment of people) that the WWII was fought over. As Stalin said in an interview, (paraphrasing here) “There are two types of capitalists, feudalistic capitalists and industrialist capitalists, I can work with the latter but never the former.”

In answer to your question 4, bluntly speaking no Trudeau is not a Nazi he is just a degenerate tool. He clearly views himself better than the “lowly mass of peasants”, but he is not a thinker, he was born to be a puppet and is clearly led by his base desires. I do not think he reflects very hard on anything. This largely goes for Zelensky as well, who appears slightly more sympathetic but has been literally a dancing monkey for the Ukrainian oligarchs for a long time, he was always on a tight leash and again clearly not very bright and had no idea what he was walking into in his biggest acting role yet. There is a reason why there will likely be no elections in Ukraine (just like how they shutdown all critical news channels) because nobody in Ukraine respects Zelensky at this point. As mentioned earlier, Freeland is more of a higher-level manager, I do think she might possibly be an actual Nazi in her sympathies and leanings, she is more aware of what the plan is and is thus more ideological in her reasons for why she is doing what she is doing. However, I also see her as mostly a heavy-handed enforcer rather than the one moving the chess pieces.

If you would still like more clarifications, I did a recent interview with Jeff Brown which I think goes over things in a clear summary way. He also took the time to turn the interview into a transcript so highly recommend it as a resource for further explanations. https://cynthiachung.substack.com/cp/135450402

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Oct 1, 2023Liked by Cynthia Chung

wow! TY Cynthia for the very considered response to my question. how do you have time for that?! :) I will re-read the book and study your response.

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I am just a little confused by the use of the term "NAZI"

Clearly it was not something the Germans called themselves.

It was meant to demean, mock, marginalize and to prevent those that would question the victors history. I worry when people continue to use this term to any degree.

Looking at the links between USA and Germany after the treaty of Versailles up to WWII it is clear war (WWII) could not have happen otherwise.

I will always contend that;

"The Victors write the history so as to make the losers crime of war look worse than the victors crimes of war"

As far "No one ever wants to bring up what kind of world we would be living in right now if Russia did not fight back the Nazis"

I like to get ahead of that notion and say, No one ever wants to bring up what kind of world we would be living in right now if the USA did not give every piece of technology it had to the Russian via Lend Lease as testified by George Racey Jordan Jr

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Excellent post Cynthia. Thank you! I just published something similar focusing specifically on Freeland (which you also covered extensively in your piece) https://actionabletruth.substack.com/p/canada-has-been-taken-over-by-a-nazi

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Jaw-dropping .... well, we must prepare for anything since 'true-though' is a muppet and 'escape from Nuremberg' is.... his handler maybe?! Thank you Cynthia 🤍

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The current dominant ideology in the West is not Fascism, Nazism, Liberal Democracy, or Communism, though it shares aspects with each of these other managerialist and materialist ideologies. The current ideology is an explicitly anti-White ideology. In that it differs greatly from Nazism, which is an explicitly White nationalist doctrine. To call the current ideology Nazism, Fascism, Communism, or even Liberal Democracy is to fail to fully understand what we are dealing with. I use the term Critical Managerialism to describe it, but terms like Wokeism, Universalism, or BioLeninism are also good. Opposing it effectively means describing it accurately and consistently. If we cannot do that then we will always be disorganized because we do not even share a proper nomenclature for what we oppose.

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Oops, there was an update to the original article re the stamp since I first read it!

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What if Zelensky doesn’t want to fight Russia? Wasn’t he threatened by Azov, if he were to make peace? What if releasing the stamp was meant to publicly delegitimize US and Canadian support for Ukraine among their populations, so Zelensky would be free to pursue a ceasefire? Not saying it’s true, but it’s puzzling.

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Jennie, IMHO running around the world exhorting all and sundry to send more money and weapons is a peculiar way to not want to fight the Russians. Who knows who is threatening Zelensky but I am sure the main ones are Britain and the USA insisting that they "fight to the last Ukrainian". As far as Zelensky pursuing a ceasefire, I do not know how the Russian can make it any clearer. They will not negotiate because Zelensky cannot be trusted and the USA and Britain are "agreement incapable". Russia will not negotiate a ceasefire with nations and people who, history has shown, cannot ever be trusted. What will happen to Ukraine in the end I do not know but I am fairly confident it will not be peopled by Ukrainians. However it looks like there is a good chance Canada will be.

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Personally I am inclined to agree with Larry Johnson. The Canadian Parlimentary fiasco took place on Friday the 22nd and on Monday 25th the Ukrainians rolled out their new stamp.


That is some seriously fast stamp printing. I think the hands of Nudelmann, Freeland and Trudeau are all in this and it would not surprise in the least me to learn that it goes much much deeper.

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> [NATO] is crossing the line right into offering its moral legitimization of Nazi forces such as the Latvian Waffen SS.

Exoneration of Baltic Waffen SS started before NATO was founded, and even before the Nuremberg Trials were over.

Did you know Latvian and Estonian Waffen SS guys guarded their former employers at Nuremberg?

(I threw together some chaotic notes about this at https://conspirat.substack.com/p/the-waffen-ss-incident-shocking-but)

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