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Will be purchasing the magazine. How long to time of delivery- I live in the US.

Most Americans are completely ignorant about their own countries history let alone understanding even an iota of Chinese or Russian history.

The entire narrative around the "China virus" or "CCP this" or "CCP that" is illustrative of this. The entire story that has been swallowed about China during these past three years is propaganda mainly churned out by the National Endowment for Democracy. Individuals like Michael Senger are about as wrong on this as it gets. Steve Bannon is worse. The likes of Naomi Wolf that parrot this narrative have no business in these discussions as she is illiterate when it comes to US/UK/Chinese history.

It's just warmed over "yellow peril" BS just as the Russia bashing is the post-modern version of "The Red Scare."

The Covid Operation is one of Western multinational organizations (WHO, NATO, IMF, World Bank, GAVI, US-AID, NED, etc.) attempting to halt the dissolution of the US and allies as global cop and to maintain dollar hegemony/petrodollar as the world's currency.

BTW the staged performance of the "falling dead on street from Covid Wuhan guy" was an NED production. As phony as Saddam's troops throwing babies from incubators.

You got the right-wing reactionaries answering the call of the "yellow peril" dog whistle and the retarded liberal wokesters supporting Nazis in the Ukraine.

America is a certified nuthouse.

And too many US citizens still haven't figured out that they are being shafted every minute of the day not by Pootin or Xi but by a bunch of English speaking bureaucrats that live right here in the DC swampland and the technocrats from Brussels and London.

That both Russia and China have their countries encircled by another nation's military, a nation (the US) that has a history of unremitting bloodshed against people of the world over the past century and more should be an obvious clue.

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Now i know why the west kept a rabid anti-vax, propaganda effort going soooo long. I mean substack is FULL of of this theme on SO many channels, it's scary. "clot shot" etc etc. nano particles.....it was to keep the chords strumming so that the US deep state intelligence apparatus could finally just "blame China" for a now officially "proclaimed" lab leak ! How nasty and how broad is the propaganda effort in Murica! They have been talkiing about and talking about it for years.....all to purpose! It all fits. So now all those rabid talkers , in theory, are supposed to direct ire and anger v China ! How naSTY!

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Just got it on Amazon kindle. 👍🙋‍♂️

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While I believe you have some definite points in moving beyond nationalism there is still the matter of the international governing forces (World Economic Forum) which holds China as their ideal nation state. We need to question as to whether China - As the CCP - has managed to create a peaceful slave environment at the expense of dangerous freedom. There are many reasonable questions here.


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So glad that someone is pushing back against the "China is evil" narrative. This is so necessary. Will you be publishing anything in response to these claims of election interference?

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As an investor and cultural anthropologist, I study trends. Here's an obvious one that most people seem to have missed:

THEN: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, USSR, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Cuba, and a handful of African nations.

NOW: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba.

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If we're to make any progress at all, we have to move beyond Hegelian Dialectics. Dialectics in its simplest and most common form offers us only two choices, such as communism vs capitalism, religious faith vs atheism, state vs private enterprise, universal medicare vs. private practice, public vs private schooling, and so forth.

What began as an analytical method attributed to Socrates and later incorporated into 19th Century philosophy is today the principle mechanism used to divide and rule us. It's influence is pervasive and invisible to most people, and is used by both sides in conflict to promote their own views rather to arrive at a synthesis, which was the original Socratic intent.

The method is simple. We're presented with only two choices, along with an argument for one vs. the other, thus effectively eliminating any alternatives. The most glaring example is the Left vs. Right division in American politics, but the method and its results are present at all levels of society in every nation on Earth.

The point I'm making is that we're using outdated tools to analyze the challenges of modern civilization, and that those tools, which may have served us in less complicated times, are today not merely an impediment, but a weapon that has been turned against us.

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"Anglo-Venetian oligarchy"

What the hell is that? Secret code for Zionism?

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I tried all the links to order a PDF (to avoid Amazon) but never found an order form.

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