Excellent article, and another piece of the puzzle for us to understand how we are being controlled. What you've covered aligns with the research of the late Dave McGowan on the Sixties LA rock scene, which was entirely inorganic, containing band members with undistinguished musical backgrounds and many with ties back to the military-industrial-intelligence community. Most find these conclusions beyond their comprehension and reject them, but his research presents far too many coincidences to be dismissed out of hand.

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Omg. So the Summer of Love is straight out of Brave New World.

Free sex


Mind F ery

CIA directed

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Fine piece Cynthia, I only recently came across yourself and Matthew's work through other researchers on a number of subject's, particularly secret societies and the occult. It's amazing how everything seems to be connected from Hollywood, music industry, fashion, Tavistock, Royal Society, Chatham house, RAND, Freemasons, O.T.O. peerage et al, all for our benefit of course! Greetings from Ireland, hope you enjoyed your recent visit here?

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This is an interesting chapter. I’m personally familiar with Esalen, Naropa in Boulder (where Ginsberg spent a lot of time), and Gary Snyder was my neighbor in California for twenty years. I would hear the bells at his Zendo when I woke up before the sun to start my day with yoga and meditation. Tavistock and the CIA can always be found inserting themselves into the chaos of modern spiritual thought, as if they were somehow the orchestrators of it. Once they realized the power of psychedelic drugs; especially LSD with its odorless, colorless potency; they attempted to use it for mind control. They failed. Hilarious, as there is nothing “central” about intelligence. I agree with your assessment of Leary as a buffoon in his capacity as a public figure. However, in my opinion, his eight circuit theory of transpersonal psychology is far more insightful and practical than the four circuit theory of Sigmund Freud; who was A): a hopeless coke fiend, and B): the uncle of Edward Bernays, whose 1928 book “Propaganda” can be almost singly credited with inspiring the West to become the corporate hellscape of fanatical advertising that it is today.

At any rate, the best explanation of the eight-circuit model formulated by Leary can be found in a book called “Prometheus Rising”, a self-help tome by Robert Anton Wilson.

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This is very fascinating but I take issue with your chacterisation of Alan Watts as somehow sinister and intellectually aligned with Huxley et al and their schemes of social engineering. Have you read his Tao: The Watercourse Way? It's a sensitive, scholarly study of an ancient philosophy, not a blueprint for cultural/intellectual anarchy. Another frequent speaker at Esalen, like Watts, was Joseph Campbell, whose Masks of God and The Hero with a Thousand Faces are respected works of comparative religion and cultural history. Not everyone associated with the counterculture ought to be tainted with suggestions they're part of nefarious projects designed to spread nihilism. All sorts of wild speculation and experimentation were afoot in those days, much of it foolish and counterproductive and probably some of it, as you say, downright pernicious and malign and carefully planned. But if Watts was guilty of anything, it was of being uncritically caught up in trends and fashions of thought because he was too whimsical and agreeable for his own good, or his reputation's, in retrospect. He wasn't a warrior in some Battle for the Mind.

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I knew very little of this as I was growing up. I had heard of Huxleys mescalin addiction & that his wife had said it was the only way he could get through the pain the pain he suffered during his life. Perhaps jthat was a total falsehood or it had become a dependency

I am just appalled at the insanity that flows in certain elements of our society. What is intriguing, as well as horrific, is to see it’s effects on we humans.

One thing I would like to stress is my huge admiration for your work, Cynthia Chung. I feel total confidence in your truth and subject material,

I can certainly agree with your view on the Russia /America/Ukraine/NATO situation, and it is wonderful to hear ONE (any) voice delivering the truth!

Keep up your outstanding work, you have a huge fan here in Newcastle, Upon Tyne, Cynthia

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I started Brave New World, Quite Frankly is doing a book club w Jay Dyer.

I couldn’t get past the first part.

It’s too horrific.

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