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I ordered and it is coming on Tuesday.

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Reading it now w Kindle. Posted both the paperback and Kindle versions to Goodreads


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Good morning Cynthia,

Unfortunaly, I am not allowed in Germany to buy the Kindle version of your book. The Bastards don't want me to read it. That happens often. First time I noticed this in the 90s, the time of my awakening, when I went to get Norman Finkellstein's book "The Holocaust Industry".

In my office at Bayer headquarters in Leverkusen, I had all the international dailies on my desk, including the London Times.

There, by chance, I discovered Norman's book, which was printed chapter by chapter in the newspaper. I couldn't buy it anywhere in Germany, it was on the index. We Germans were forbidden to read it by the American occupiers. I'm sure you know why.

What can I do?

Take care

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I’m ordering it when we get back this evening (out for a day jaunt). Congratulations!

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Just ordered your book. Anxious to read it.

Really appreciated your post on the Saker site "Operation Gladio Nato's secret war..." . When lined-up with the two recent essays of Larry Romanoff ("The richest man on the planet" and "The City of London") we can say we have a very good picture of who gives orders that must be accomplished on this planet to the West leadership.

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Ordered it, thanks.

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Just ordered a copy through Amazon.NL -- looking forward to reading it!

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Great read and I enjoy your style which presents this complex web of information in a coherent narrative. It is currently unavailable as a paperback in Australia via Amazon. If it is not available soon, I may have to go to the pdf. I am also reading Whitney Webb's series: One Nation Under Blackmail (Vols. 1 & 2) which cover much of the same content. Did you find her work useful?

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Looking forward to reading this!

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Congratulations Cynthia!

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I ordered it awhile back and hoping it arrives soon. Thank you Cynthia!

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I bought this book from Amazon - the fascist commissary...

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In stock at blacksbookshop.com

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I just started your book.


This link was posted on a Timeline.

Affirms everything you have written


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Is the paperback available in Europe and the UK?

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Hi Cynthia - remember me?

One of your greatest fans. I see that you are selling your books on Canadian Patriot and wondered how you are printing them. Are you printing them in Canada? And in what volume - or more specifically at what cost per book. If you don't want to reveal this information here, you could email me on ivanpaton@hotmail.com

The reason I am asking is that your recent book would benefit greatly from reaching a much wider audience. And I live in Thailand and printed my first book here - which for a print run of 3,000 in 2019 cost me just $1.71 USD per book. At that point we also opened up our own Thai company (the "we" being my better half and I) - and so I have a little bit of experience in publishing and a boutique publishing company.

So my questions to you are

1) what price per book are you printing them for?

2) If I can find a way to beat that and ship them to you would you be interested? And if so in what volumes?

3) Do you have any book sales in the English language books in South East Asia apart from over then net?

4) If the answer to 3) is no, would you be interested in creating new markets for your book in this part of the world both in English and in translations?

Best regards,

Ivan M. Paton

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