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Good morning Cynthia,

Unfortunaly, I am not allowed in Germany to buy the Kindle version of your book. The Bastards don't want me to read it. That happens often. First time I noticed this in the 90s, the time of my awakening, when I went to get Norman Finkellstein's book "The Holocaust Industry".

In my office at Bayer headquarters in Leverkusen, I had all the international dailies on my desk, including the London Times.

There, by chance, I discovered Norman's book, which was printed chapter by chapter in the newspaper. I couldn't buy it anywhere in Germany, it was on the index. We Germans were forbidden to read it by the American occupiers. I'm sure you know why.

What can I do?

Take care

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I ordered and it is coming on Tuesday.

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Reading it now w Kindle. Posted both the paperback and Kindle versions to Goodreads


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Just ordered your book. Anxious to read it.

Really appreciated your post on the Saker site "Operation Gladio Nato's secret war..." . When lined-up with the two recent essays of Larry Romanoff ("The richest man on the planet" and "The City of London") we can say we have a very good picture of who gives orders that must be accomplished on this planet to the West leadership.

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I’m ordering it when we get back this evening (out for a day jaunt). Congratulations!

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In stock at blacksbookshop.com

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Ordered it, thanks.

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Just ordered a copy through Amazon.NL -- looking forward to reading it!

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Great read and I enjoy your style which presents this complex web of information in a coherent narrative. It is currently unavailable as a paperback in Australia via Amazon. If it is not available soon, I may have to go to the pdf. I am also reading Whitney Webb's series: One Nation Under Blackmail (Vols. 1 & 2) which cover much of the same content. Did you find her work useful?

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Looking forward to reading this!

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Congratulations Cynthia!

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I ordered it awhile back and hoping it arrives soon. Thank you Cynthia!

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Hi Cynthia

Thank you very much for your excellent work.

I've subscribed your substack for 1 year, is the offer for the PDF of your book "The Empire on Which the Black Sun Never Set" still valid?

If so, how can I get it?

Please forgive my question being made here, I'm new to substack


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Hi Cynthia, the book may have been blocked on Amazon in Europe because of the imagery on the cover alone, rather than (or as well as) because of the final chapter; I know of at least two other authors whose politics/sociology books have recently fallen afoul of Germany’s “no national socialist imagery in any form regardless of context” laws, and with such censorship-by-any means laws gradually spreading across Europe, were blocked from sale right across Europe to preemptively avoid any legal issues for Amazon. Anything else is purely convenient coincidence. We’re a very free continental society, see!

However I’ve been hoping to order the book proper for ages and sadly hesitant because of international shipping, handling and tax mysteries so I will take advantage of this asap! Look forward to reading it in full.

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Ordering a copy today and excited to read it.

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I just started your book.


This link was posted on a Timeline.

Affirms everything you have written


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