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Thank you Cynthia for posting this song. There is a history behind this folk song. In the 16th century and before the advent of steam engines, barge haulers pulled ships along the rivers against the current. The main "water road" was the Volga. Most often, these were desperate people who lost their household or had to do this by a court verdict, as hard labor( sometimes even women!).

Artels of barge haulers were assembled in the same way as men's, based on a thousand pounds of cargo (which is 16,360 kilograms). It took five women and three men. The work of barge haulers was monotonous and extremely difficult. Only the wind helped, which sometimes could be fair and blew into the sails. Walking heavily, people moved along the shore, and when it became very difficult, they sang songs.

It’s recognized part of Russian history, added in school education program in respect of hard labor and human sacrifice.

You can read more about it in this link: https://kulturologia.ru/blogs/191120/48194/

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When they try to silence our Victory, forget it, erase it from the memory of entire generations and peoples, it is useful to recall that in World War II they held out against the German troops:

Denmark - 6 hours;

Luxembourg - 1 day;

Holland - 5 days;

Yugoslavia - 11 days;

Belgium - 18 days;

Greece - 24 days;

Poland - 27 days;

France - 1 month and 12 days;

Norway - 2 months and 1 day.

Pavlov's house in Stalingrad held out for 58 days.

The Soviet Union held out for four years (1418 days) and ended the war in the enemy's lair - Germany capitulated.

Everyone should remember this. We need to tell our children and grandchildren about this - so that they remember!

Vasily Lanovoy

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Thank you Cynthia! Its one of the songs that I grew up with, and its dear to my heart

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Mama Rossiya w/English cc


с мама россией навсегда!

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i really appreciate the cultural insight, thank you, it communicates more feelings of the day and the people

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Thank you, Cynthia -- for posting this and honoring Russia 🇷🇺 It made me weep, listening to these, but it wasn’t sadness...it was the beauty of the music, the men’s glorious voices lifted up, and the depth of meaning behind the words.

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Shame on the west, I worked for the organizer of Odessa in Bariloche, they never lost hope, not all of the Germans that I knew there that had been in the war contacted with him strangely he had more clients between Germans not veterans of war and strangely enough with the ones that had seen it from far away, pomp and glitter without the blood. and the other were people of different nationalities that had been in the waffen ss, (purposeful lowercases). just imagine this going on in all the world, even in Germany divided families, but specially true in USA where the Democrats were not

far away from their ideas and specially the powerfuls. All over the world just think in Allende he was

an eugenetic, his Doctorate was about it, connected with the Fabians. No relations with the Russians but very friendly with the Chinese. Curious world. Great work Cynthia and Slava Russia our hope

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С Днём Победы!

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Bloodthirsty are those who start wars, not those who end them

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First piano piece learned when very young...."Heave, oh heave, boys". Said it was a Volga boat song.

In any case, "war".....sacred? Never. Contradiction in terms.

"War!! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. "

Heck of a lot of folks is fascinated with war, tho. Weird. Very weird. Blood lust?

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