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Carl Jung's protege was British Military Officer 'Peter' Baynes. He mentored Montague Edward Fordham, who pioneered the 'Social Credit' system soon to become the 'Carbon Credit' system. Montague went on to become a trainer at Tavistock throughout the 1950's. His son Michael, also a Jungian Psychoanalysist worked at Tavistock throughout the 70's. 'Peter' Baynes would often spend retreats with Jung in the county of Cornwall, UK. Crowley lived in Cornwall for a short while (his son lived there too), he apparently raised the Devil there at Zennor Tor, resulting in the untimely death of socialite 'Ka' Cox and sending another attendee insane. Both Peter and Carl Jung mentored Joseph Henderson who settled in San Francisco around the time of WW2 Where he set up a prestigious school of Psychoanalysis, Henderson was married to Charles Darwin's Grandaughter and their relative, Huxley, positioned himself in Southern California. Timothy Leary came out of San Francisco. Rockerfeller bankrolled them all (except Crowley). The Counter Culture movement was planned decades in advance.

Joseph C. Thompson MD, Also a psychoanalysist associated with San Francisco, and well connected in elite circles was the man who (starting in 1924) groomed and mentored the 12 year old boy Ron L. HUBBARD who later set up Scientology.

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Thank you Steg for sharing this essential information! Do you perchance have a book or essay that I could read in further detail on these connections? Thanks again for this!

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Apologies, I wrote that Montague Edward Fordham worked at Tavistock in the 1950's, I meant the 1930's at the dame time Jung was giving lectures there.

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This is fascinating and highly interesting. I cannot WAIT for part two+!

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Jung "walked and talked with Philemon" a spirit entity. Call this walking and talking, willing possession by spirits not interested in helping humans according to the Bible. New Agers see these spirits about whom they know nothing as entities to be "channeled" and "followed". (See Sons of Sceva, Sheva a pretend exorcist, and his sons -- to whom the spirit in possession said "I know Jesus and I know Paul, but who are you?" And the spirit beat all 7 sons. Yes, spirits have superhuman strength.

The Exorcist is a true story of a young boy from St.Louis who "constructively consented" to possession by using the Oui Ja board to communicate with his dead aunt whom he missed. Jes sayin' .

Who would know better than the Bible/Jesus, the Word, what these spirits are. Gen 6, Deut 2: 20-21.

The origins of "the elites" -- who admit the progeny of watcher angels are their bloodline. Which is why they think they are innately superior. Bluebloods. Rh negative. See Timothy Alberino, "Birthright."

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This is about emotions and feelings, however behind it all is about a perception of what a human being ultimately is. And that renders its own logic and epistemological boundaries.

Crowley and people like him are about power coming from their feeling. Thelema is more about a feeling than actual physical power.

Emotions as our defining essence has been the zeitgeist.

So what you have is people being run by their emotions and they don't know it, and it isn't about controlling them either is about how to use them in their context.

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