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The Origins of the Counterculture Movement: A Gathering of Anarchists, Occultists and Psychoanalysts for a New Age

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On matters of geopolitics, counterintelligence, revisionist history and cultural warfare.
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This new era of the World Controllers where revolution will become irrelevant since the masses will come to love their servitude is referred to as the “Ultimate Revolution” by Huxley, a clearly borrowed phrase from H.G. Wells’ 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come: The Ultimate Revolution.”

It is the ultimate revolution, since it will be the last of the revolutions, the most perfect revolution that will end any need for further change, since we will have finally achieved a stable world order.

It will be the beginning of the era of the World Controllers and it will be regarded as a modern Utopia, for everyone will be supposedly content within the controlled reality that shapes their caste, a caste that has been scientifically determined.

Anyone wishing to understand today’s Great Reset agenda which professes to radically alter humanity’s values amidst a vast systemic collapse, would do well to see how these ideas took root well over a century ago in a strange village in Switzerland.

[This paper is the third part to a four-part series. See Part I and Part II. Feature Image is of Aleister Crowley, Otto Gross, Carl Jung and Aldous Huxley from left to right.]