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If we reduce this interesting and incisive analysis to its simplest form, we recognize that Globalism is 21st century fascism. The only difference between globalism’s war on humanity and megalomaniacal ambition to rule the world, and the supremacist replacement ideologies that came before, are the science and technology available to implement it. The most insidious aspect of globalism’s asymmetric warfare is that it is disguised as public health, and it's psychotic policies presented as “for our own good.” The civilized mind has great difficulty processing the malevolence of the globalist elite. So, the unsuspecting public is lulled into a peacetime mentality, when it needs a wartime mentality to survive.

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Cynthia your tracing & exposing the footsteps of Satan from the garden, through his historical disciples, is amazing. We also are the children of the great revealing, the times are being fulfilled as we watch. Watch therefore: for ye know not on what day your Lord cometh. Mat24.42

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Excellent as usual.

TCM recently showed The Rope again. I find it horrifying to watch although its lessons are profound.

What responsibility for the professor, mentor, political leader, who trivializes murder and eugenics when his philosophy is carried out? We saw this past week what can happen when a political leader, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, calls for violent retaliation against a US Supreme Court Justice (Bret Kavanaugh). A man from California becomes inspired to travel across the continent to Maryland to the home of Justice Kavanaugh. (The address with pictures had been posted to news sites just in case the local crazies couldn't find it on their own). This man had the intent to murder Kavanaugh and his family and only stopped himself in time by calling 911 and admitting it. It's a miracle no one was hurt.

After this we witnessed House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third most powerful person in the United States, refuse to allow legislation that would protect justices. She denied they were in any danger. She herself travels and lives with a full contingent of Federal security.

There seems to be a move underway, orchestrated by the WEF, to enact eugenics on world populations. For what purpose?

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Another brilliant analysis, Cynthia. I'm reminded that Edward Snowden said the greatest conspiracies are in plain sight. That's a lot of nerve to call your plan an open conspiracy and plot mass murder. Love your joke about Descent of Man not being Darwin's autobiography!

This morning the film Infertility: a Diabolical Agenda is free to stream from Children's Health Defense: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/infertility-a-diabolical-agenda.

Another commenter, who I met on Matt's Substack, sent me this interview of a BlackRock whistleblower, who predicts mass riots when the consequences of the vaccine and economic collapse from Ukraine are evident to everyone: https://usawatchdog.com/cv19-vax-deadliest-fraud-in-history-edward-dowd. I hope, of course, to channel that rage into system change.

And I posted my Substack on your interview on Faultlines, which I called Ukraine: the Hegemon's Last Stand. I loved Jamarl and Manila talking about the truth like it was obvious! I also quote Matt and more from the Putin address to the 1st Eurasian Economic Forum that he cites. I'm SO enjoying the education I'm getting from you both.


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A perfect critic on where we are now. Words from the bible bounce out at one more and more and none more so than " the meek will inherit the earth " I say this as it is only the minds of the totally deranged that can kill and convince themselves it is all for the greater good. I see and witness total blanking of the truth by MSM and people from the past who have changed from great friends whom I would talk for hours on subjects to now silent or absurdly illogical and factual less statements reinforced with anger and derogatory retorts. It is not that I wish to talk about the genocide unfolding all the time, rather they who cannot converse on any subject except trivia so as to not have to lie. The smooth rational of the calm and settled mind has disappeared completely. I feel for them as another proverb is also true " forgive them father, for they know not what they do " They exude defence, defiance and being disturbed. The higher tiers of the cull orchestrators are losing the allegiance of their lower normal and herded into obedience brethren. The reality of their actions are starting to be seen and the realisation is sinking in as to what they with live with for the rest of their lives. They could remain aloof from the situation while the injection rolled out, but now that so many people are dying. Their car mechanic, a sport star they admired, the local lovely newsagent man the truth is not deniable, no matter how much one wants to pretend and spout drivel, such as its all because of SARS and the re-infections of the covid 19 among - the elephant in the room - injected fraternity. SADS is the sickest most appalling and putrid acronym ever coined. It is exactly what they are obviously taught to think of the good people coned into taking their own life with an injection sold as a necessity to keep others safe.

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Excellent, Cynthia — both delightful and difficult to read. Thank you.

In the 21st century, we are now living the self-fulfilled prophecy of centuries of Western intellectual thought & vision. There must be a better way than the dark extrapolations and their logical conclusions, however, the Rubicon has long been crossed.

As I was reading your essay, coincidentally, I was sitting across from a screen playing Spielberg’s dystopian A.I. Artificial Intelligence, a film conceived in the 1970s by Stanley Kubrick, who originally wanted to make it himself but was waiting for the technology he needed to become available. 2001 was the year the film was released — what perfect timing.

The truth is that the two biggest predictors of zero-negative population growth are education and affluence, both of which have been denied the underclasses in the First World and deliberately suppressed in Third World countries. The entrenched belief in certain superiority and the necessity of dominance and slavery — probably going back to the perceived but mysterious reality of Egypt — has been the fundamental driver of all policy since, and is the very thing that will bring the West down in The Great Leveling.

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I thoroughly enjoyed (sadly) reading this. As a student of history (I’m stuck in the medieval period at the moment), I wonder if there was a contemporary counterpoint to these writers. Like what FA Hayek was to John Keynes. I feel the need to balance what you’ve written here with something a bit brighter. Though I do thank you for the implicit parallels to todays environment. Well done.

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" Europe, up until the 17th century had a population size that never exceeded roughly 100 million. But nearly doubled to 180 million in the 18th century, and doubled again to 390 million in the 19thcentury. H.G. Wells wrote of this “the extravagant swarm of new births” as “the essential disaster of the nineteenth century.” (1) Not war, not disease, not starvation, not abject poverty, but population growth was determined as the disaster of an entire century." puts the lie to Malthaus's 'theory' that food production was growing arithmetically and pop growth exponentially - here it is clearly pop growth arithmetically

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Thank you

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Its really brilliant. Something wondered over a long time.

Why do the most loving and moral beings not defend themselves against the criminals. Why is it always the good guys who gets killed :-).

Because: "It is not the superior being who is capable of committing murder, but the criminally insane".

So, this question may rest. We have been waiting 2000 years for Christ and maybe must wait for another period unknown because Christ is our only judge over life.

We must find a way out of this schizophrenic situation. https://youtu.be/BrXPbgYu3PE

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Great stuff, once again.

The arrogant position of Well`s insane fantasies is not a singular phenomenon concerning his lifetimes. Well known the Eugenic movement always settled in merry old England with its aristocratic manners fed up through centuries. Then this movement mingled with thoughts of "world government", the Rockefellers in USA, the perennial Empire dreams of Cecil Rhodes and his hidden circles. The first step to erase minorities was antisemitism. Well known, that Germans like Richard Wagner and later on Hitler imported such odd racist theories mainly from Great Britain (f.e. Houston Stewart Chamberlain).

The word "Herrenrasse" on the other hand includes exactly, what Wells explains: some races, some people are inferior and useless eaters. But which ones?

This is the very point, where contemporaries like G.K. Chesterton opposed seriously. Is man allowed to decide - like God itself - how the creation, the world in particular has to look like, to decide if a binary code is more worthy than a single life and so on? These thougts also go back unto Blake or even Milton, and we should consider them as well.

In the very end the fatal belief of man as a Divine authority to decide over the whole of human life is a kind of perverted religion (because the measure itself is faulty). Those writers and thinkers may not have been aware of the fact, that harming humanity itself means to destruct one's owns assumptions as a human quickly and accelerate one's own final Déluge.

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I am struck by the appearance of certain terms/concepts such as (in reverse order):

1. Open conspiracy: Not a secret, but very much in the open since Wells wrote of it.

2. New Republic: What is the relationship to the publication, which seems to be infused with the World Government.

3. New World Order

4. Wells' great culling of man-made pestilence as a prelude to the totalitarian renewal of mankind.

Is this sort of predictive programming necessary to the flowering of Evil? Such Revelations are endemic in Western thought, the idea that Evil is required to reveal itself so that the individual can freely choose Evil and Deception rather than the Good and True. Thus Dracula can not enter a house without invitation, and the damned must choose to sign a contract.

Regarding Darwin, perhaps his melancholy was due to his firm belief that selfish "survival of the fittest" was the driving force in human nature coupled with his rejection of murder for the benefit of race or species as the alternative. He saw no way out and failed to see a third way, that of freedom. The individual will freely, by choice sacrifice himelf for the benefit of his family or the future of mankind. Thus, birth rates decline naturally as populations grow, whether that be due to women making time for a career, the discomfort of overcrowding or the benefits of concentrating family resources on a few offspring rather than a large brood.

There is no need to forcefully sacrifice others, including our own children, on the altar of collectivism to avoid an overpopulated world.

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Great analysis thanks. It seems we fall very short when failing to consider we are biological beings. Big brains, yes - dangerous enough to make us prey to endless delusions. No other group of animals is delusional enough to allow psychopathic, death dealing personalities to run rampant.

Other animals kill for various reasons but it is primarily to support survival and evolutionary fitness of the group. I recently adopted a needy dog who is insecure and codependent. I am struck by how much trouble he has already caused.

Codependency, narcissism and the like are highly destructive forces among any animals.

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"In the end, we would be left with the worst of humankind, a human race that had cannibalised itself."

Nothing new... Funny of our Thought persists in not moving away from our Glorious Collective Past (millennia after millennia) of self-cannibalism!

So keep enjoying the Degenerate Uman Cannibalism show.

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Cynthia thank you. All the work is so powerful and the book should be had by the best part of the eight bn on the planet well.... at best the English-speaking world?! Someone should take up the mantle and do more (not meaning you, Matt or RTF) get on the translation path with consent of course... It's a read of our time that all should have as reference even? Cheers!

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Correlation is not causation, but it's hard to ignore the fact the every modern industrial society has a birthrate that is at or below replacement levels. The clear implication is that as developing nations become more industrialized, their birthrates will also decline to replacement levels.

This is already happening and you can see it for yourself. Use this search string:

"birthrate chart <insert country name>" then go to images and look at the long-term charts that come up. In every case, you'll see a declining trend.


The projections in the above chart are based on current trends, but I would argue there's a case for those trends declining sharply in the years ahead. Here's why:

We are currently engaged in a struggle to replace the old western colonial model of global wealth extraction with a system that aims to bring all the world's nations up to a standard of living where birthrates stabilize across the board. Talking here about the BRICS and SCO systems which, I believe, are a genuine attempt to address the problems of global wealth distribution which is the legacy of the present declining western colonial system of resource extraction and exploitation of large parts of the world's population. That system is breaking down as we speak, and its replacement is now evident in the policies enacted by these emergent new global alliances.

The success of these new alliances is dependent on three factors. Energy, resources, and manufacturing (which includes technological advances). Fortunately all these elements are present in this new arrangement. Russia has energy and resources far in excess of her needs. China is a major industrial power in its own right, and the other members of the alliance have the resources and human potential needed to close the loop. The truth is, once you take wealth extraction via financial exploitation out of the equation - the old western model - the combination of these nation's efforts, plus others who will soon join, is more than enough to raise living standards on a global basis to the point where birthrates will stabilize and eventually reach stasis.

Poor people have many children out of necessity, not desire. With no social safety net, and agriculture as your sole means of survival, you need many hands to work the land. High infant mortality also plays a role, since you need to ensure that enough of your offspring survive to provide for you in your old age.

Now ask any poor farmer in Africa or elsewhere that is struggling to survive and feed multiple children if they'd rather trade that life for something similar to the way the western world lives, the only catch being they could only have two children. I mean, it's obvious, right? Build it and they will come. Well that's the vision of both the BRICS and the SCO. That's the thinking behind the concept of a Multipolar World.

We have the means to do this. It's only a matter of distribution. Look at the abundance of unnecessary crap we have in the West that we're hypnotized into believing we need. Where I live half the homes have an RV and a boat in their driveway that only get used a couple of weeks of the year. Why? You can rent that stuff and create employment in the process. I haul groceries to major food retailers and frankly I'm appalled at what comes off my truck. I wouldn't eat 80% of it. Twinkies, Doritos, sugar laden breakfast cereal, a ridiculous amount of unhealthy processed foods. we don't need that. Nobody does.

Anyway, that's my vision of the future, which is not as dismal as what some are projecting. Obviously it won't be a cake walk, but we've got the beginnings of it already. I probably won't live to see it -we're talking decades here - but what is the purpose of life if not to build a better future for our children?

I get a bit emotional when I talk about this stuff because as an evidence-based researcher I can see the path forward, I just get frustrated that so few of us can. I understand that though. We've been hit pretty hard these last few years, and there's a tendency to give up and just resign ourselves to the inevitable, but I don't buy it. One of the things that changed my attitude, which may seem a bit odd, was a scene in the film "The Last Emperor" where Emperor Puyi, now in a reeducation camp, accused the camp warden Jin Yuan of using him, to which Jin Yuan replied, is it so bad to be useful? That scene really struck home for me, and caused me to put aside all my pondering about the meaning of life and my place in the world and just try to be as useful as I possibly can, which I suppose is what I'm trying to do here.

I'll close on that note, but since I'm a musician who believes that music has the power to change the world, I'll leave you with a song from one of my favourite voices for World Peace, Genki Sudo, which hopefully illustrates that idea.

(English closed captions)


And Genki's message to the world: We Are All One.

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